For our first giveback campaign, we want to try something different. We care deeply about supporting Australians currently experiencing homelessness. Its an issue we witness firsthand in Melbourne, and why we want to do our part to help. We are pledging that a percentage from each order will go towards purchasing goods or services for those experiencing homelessness.

We will personally be walking the streets of Melbourne to connect with these individuals, to find out what we can offer to make a positive and valuable impact to their day. Examples of items funded by this campaign:

• Sleeping bags

• Pillows

• Sleeping Mats

• Backpacks

• Food Vouchers

• Clothing

• Laundry Services

• Toiletries/ Hygiene Products

• Powerbanks

The idea behind this campaign is to allow our customers to enact positive change in the life of someone else, directly through their purchase with us. With each order, customers will receive an email detailing how their contribution was used to enrich the life of someone experiencing homelessness.

Whilst we are aware this doesn’t solve the issue of homelessness for these people, we have found that even the smallest of gestures and human connection can go a long way. We all want to do our part to help those less fortunate and we are hopeful that through this cause, we can create a simple yet effective environment for us and our customers to be able to do so. If anyone has any questions, queries or would like to know how to get involved feel free to email us at any time. Keep an eye out for your glasses for good email in the days following your purchase!